LIGHTNING ROUND! Get to know me!

Hey everyone!

I’ve noticed that I get visitors from all around the world to my blog, so I wanted to do a little introductory post! I haven’t done one of these in a while, and it’s probably just my inner-teenager who loved filling out MySpace surveys talking, but it’s time for another About Me questionnaire. If this is your first time to my blog, warmest welcome! I’m super glad you’re here and would love to hear from you.

Now onto this fast, fun lightning round survey!


1. Where do you live?

Austin, Texas! And I LOVE it.


2. Favorite holiday?

I love Christmas. It beats out the rest. My boyfriend and I always get a real Christmas tree, and I go crazy decorating it. I already can’t wait, and it’s JUNE! Haha. And the day that pumpkin stuff arrives in store in the fall is basically a holiday to me. And my birthday, of course!!

3. Favorite breed of dog?

English bull terriers all the way. I’m following about a hundred of them on Instagram because I want one so bad. I had one growing up, and she was the best dog ever. So much personality! Just punch in ‘english bull terrier’ on Youtube if you don’t know about this breed.

DSC_0311 2

4. Favorite food?

My favorite cuisine is Italian, but my second favorite is Indian. I love the Indian restaurant TARKA and get take-out from there way too often! It’s all so good. Curries and naan, can’t go wrong.

Malai Kofta from Tarka! My fave.

5. Favorite dessert?

My favorite thing is a cupcake from Sprinkles. I have liked every flavor I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot of them since Sprinkles finally opened near me earlier this year! At this point, Google automatically fills in “Sprinkles Flavors Menu” whenever I type “S” in. The flavors rotate daily!

Triple Cinnamon cupcake from Sprinkles

6. Place you most want to travel?

Hawaii. I want to go to my ten year high school reunion there next year! Do people even go to 10 year reunions? I figure that’s a good excuse as any to make my way back to Oahu…

Leis for graduating!

7. Favorite place in Austin?

Since I’m a white girl in my twenties who loves sangria and dressing up for the day, it’s no surprise that I like the upscale, beautiful, outdoor shopping center in north Austin. It’s called the Domain. There are arcades with free skee-ball and good drinks, and tons of restaurants (and Sprinkles and Tarka Indian- see? Everything I like in one place!).

I also love the pedestrian bridge downtown, and all the spots in nature that this lovely little city has to offer. Like Bull Creek Reserve! I like anywhere where I can look at turtles (shout out to ‘I like turtles’ kid. Me 2, bro).


8. What’s your hobby?

My biggest hobby is reading. I’m trying to read 60 books this year, and I’m just under halfway there. I read a lot, and I don’t think I could live without books. It’s an important part of being a writer, too. My whole family is made up of readers!

Some books I picked up recently. I love a good vampire book & I’m not ashamed (okay, only a little ashamed).

9. Blowdried or air dried?

Blow dried! Dyed, blow dried, hot tools. Such bad habits!

10. Favorite TV show?

Lately it’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. Season 9 will be over soon! TEAM TRINITY TAYLOR. My partner and I watch old seasons of Drag Race every single night while cooking or playing board games. It’s the best show. I HIGHLY recommend it.

And lastly, my name is Taylor (hi!) and I’m 26. I’ve been blogging here since 2013, so feel free to check out my archives (or maybe don’t- my oldest posts are so embarrassing to me!) and come back soon! You can also catch me on Instagram- @taylordorothynails and @taylordorothy.

Thanks for reading!



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