Essie Polish: Mint Candy Apple

Hello everyone!

Today I’ve got a classic Essie polish for you! This shade was featured in my top ten best polishes of the year list. It beat out about 85 other bottles in my collection, and it was one of two Essies. I just love it! It’s one of my all time favez.


Mint Candy Apple is a beautiful pastel mint shade. It is perfect for spring and summer, and it’s just lovely.


It’s a pale, white based pastel that reads right between an icy green and sky blue. There are a lot of dupes for this one out there, but I think this is an incredibly unique color. The dupes are a little too dark for my taste, generally.


This bottle also has a great formula. It’s easy to apply, and looks great in three coats. It looks fabulous and shiny with a top coat.


How cute is that color? I love it year round! I remember when I got it, I used it so much I actually made myself sick of it. Out of all my blues or greens, this is the one I reach for the most because of the color and payoff. I’ve even blogged about it once before!

I’m also a big fan of the name- Mint Candy Apple. How cute is that?

Do you have this shade?



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