ATX good life: Pedestrian Bridge & Cookie-Crumb Macarons

Hey everyone!

We all agree that Austin is the best city on Earth, right? I mean, that’s why a bajillion people move here and jam up our highways per day, right? Austin is magical and beautiful and I love it. After eight years (!!), I am still learning new things and falling more in love with my adopted home every day.


My absolute favorite thing to do lately is hang out on the pedestrian bridge downtown. This is the view from the bridge at dusk. There’s usually something crazy going on, like a guy playing piano or crazy young people covered in fairy lights dancing around to tambourine music. It’s that perfect Austin mix of beautiful, weird, and delightful.


The pedestrian bridge is also a great place to watch the sunset. You can see people kayaking and paddle boarding in the water below you, and there are always fit Austinites running and biking, since the bridge connects on part of the Town Lake trail to the other.


See, it’s better to face the graffiti bridge so that the wind blows your hair back, instead of all over your face and into your sticky-ass lip gloss. Life hack, y’all.

When downtown, it is best to visit the original Austin Whole Foods.

The massive Whole Foods on Lamar is always up to something. They mix it up! They used to have a chocolate truffle shop in the middle of the bakery department, which I thought was the best thing ever, but they got rid of that last year. Luckily they put in a whole new, beautifully lit wall of desserts. The ingredients and calories are listed, and if you can break through the clumps of couples picking out their dessert after a date (it’s like a smorgasbord of all the different kinds of couples Austin has to offer, all agreeing on the WF dessert wall), you can choose something delicious for yourself!

Can’t go wrong with three desserts!

It’s cheaper to buy six desserts than just two! It’s six for $10 or $2.50 each. So who can blame me for buying an insane amount of desserts?? These were my three. Scott’s three were probably eaten by the time I took this photo (jk!).


I went with a chocolate macaron, since about a zillion years ago, I had the best chocolate macaron of my life at Central Market but realized they were using hydrogenated oils in their filling and never had one again, even though it was the most pure, delicious macaron this side of Paris (You guys. Say no to hydrogenated oils!). I’m still hunting for a chocolate macaron as good as that devil CM one. This Whole Foods one was just okay. And their macarons are normally priced at $2.49, which is batshit-insane pricing for a cookie, unless you’re at the real Ladurée.

I also went crazy and got a salted caramel cheesecake, which was fine. I barely ate it. And the winner was a locally made, chocolate covered macaron rolled in cookie crumbs. Yaaaay! It even has a fun whimsical popsicle stick stuck in it. How cute!

Desserts and lovely views. Perfect weather and giant Whole Foods. What more could you ask for? This city is a dream come true.




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