ATX good life: Pedestrian Bridge & Cookie-Crumb Macarons

The pedestrian bridge is a must if you visit Austin, Texas. Especially at sunset...

Recipe: Vegan “Pad Thai”

Hey everyone! One of my favorite dishes to cook is a version of pad thai. Since I don't use fish sauce or tamarind, and have modified this dish to be vegan, it's not really the authentic Thai version of Pad Thai- just a disclaimer. It is, however, an absolutely delicious peanut-y, creamy yet light, healthy … Continue reading Recipe: Vegan “Pad Thai”


Grocery Store Splurges

There are definitely some things that I splurge on, as a person who prizes healthy eating. I like that $5 Ezekiel bread from the freezer section. My almond butter can be like, $8. I am not all about organics, but I am all about making good choices in the store. And sometimes I see things … Continue reading Grocery Store Splurges

Coconut Oil: ANOTHER benefit… This article discusses how coconut oil may slow the growth of Alzheimer's cells. It kind of seems like the brain needs to accept glucose, and part of this disease is preventing that. The cells die, and they can't accept glucose anymore. "But there is an alternative fuel -- ketones, which cells easily accept. Ketones … Continue reading Coconut Oil: ANOTHER benefit…

Cashew curry & other winning dishes

 Recently, I started cooking on a professional level. I am a personal chef for this great woman in downtown Austin. She was a client of Scott's for his health & weight loss firm (more on that later) and I stepped in to cook lunches and dinners for her. So far it has been amazing! Working on … Continue reading Cashew curry & other winning dishes