ATX good life: Pedestrian Bridge & Cookie-Crumb Macarons

The pedestrian bridge is a must if you visit Austin, Texas. Especially at sunset...

Downtown Austin on a Sunday Night ☼ [2015]

Hey everyone!! Since I have started using Facebook way less (a good move to be sure- all that research about how Facebook is bad for your brain due to social comparisons and pressure helped me make that decision), I have all these great photos that are just sitting on my computer! I had a blast … Continue reading Downtown Austin on a Sunday Night ☼ [2015]

X-Games Austin Rally

Tonight was the very wild Keep X-Games Weird rally in downtown Austin. I had completely forgotten about this event and was planning on going for my run when Scott called. He told me that he was riding in the event, and I should come down. It was like 6 PM, so I knew traffic would … Continue reading X-Games Austin Rally