Lip Gloss + Pizza Bagels [atx adventure!]

Hey everyone!

I feel like I never get tired of exploring Austin. I just have to get an idea in my head, and then we hunt around all the options until an amazing afternoon happens. This time, I wanted a pizza bagel. A delicious, NY style bagel with something extra. It sounds like a tough thing to find- and it was!

I did my makeup and hair, and we headed out for an adventure.


I wore my favorite lip gloss, which is Buxom’s Full On Lip Polish in White Russian. If I don’t rub it in properly, this gloss can look a little streaky since it’s got such a milky pink undertone.

2018-08-10 12.03.20

I blow dried my hair and picked a black wrap dress. I love this little crescent horn necklace in an iridescent blue color.

2018-08-10 12.03.28

I can’t help that I’m a master of the white girl head tilt. All of my selfies end up like this!

On to WRIGHT BROS coffee shop in downtown Austin! This spot sells Rosen Bagel Co bagels, which is Austin’s answer to New York bagels. We don’t have the New York water, so we can never really have New York bagels, but I’m always down to try.

I especially love an everything bagel.


I got the classic cheese, and Scott got the basil and balsamic pizza bagel. Mine was way better! The bagels were good- a nice crusty, crispy shell and soft interior.


I got an iced chai, since sometimes the pressure of fancy little coffee shops make me choke. Haha. I know I can always do a chai tea latte with ice pretty much anywhere.


It was gorgeous to sit outside in the sun and talk about Austin’s changing landscape. Austin is still such an up and coming city, even though it’s established and incredible. It’s a blast to live here and watch it change.

We pretty much have everything you could ever want, and it’s just getting better.

What’s your go to at a fancy li’l coffee shop? Do you like iced chai teas? What about everything bagels? Better bring a mirror, though, since you don’t want to get caught with seeds in your teeth.

Have an AWESOME week!



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