It’s Bikini So Teeny!

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to expand on one of my top ten colors of the year. When I picked out my ten favorite colors for 2017, Bikini So Teeny was an easy choice. It’s one of the polishes I reach for the most, and it’s one of those colors that most nail polish collectors speak highly of across the board.


Bikini So Teeny is a light blue with gray undertones and subtle shimmer in the bottle (it doesn’t show up on the nails). I can honestly say this is the only periwinkle color I’ll ever need! The formula is great, and it really pops with a shiny top coat (I always like Seche Vite quick dry).


If you’re rummaging around Ulta or Sally’s and want to pick up a nail polish guaranteed to give you a dreamy summer manicure, this polish is for you. It’s light blue, but it’s not kiddie. This polish photographs well, and I hope you like it as much as I do!


I found this polish available for sale: on AMAZON for $9, Ulta for $9, and my fave place, BeyondPolish for just $4.75.

Do you have this one? Do you like it?





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