Oh So Cute! It’s ‘Look At My Bow’!

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to share one of the prettiest colors in my collection- OPI’s Look At My Bow. If you own this Hello Kitty for OPI pink, yay! If you don’t, I have included a few options at the end for where to find it these days. Either way, I hope you enjoy this swatch post. These might be my favorite swatch pics I’ve ever taken. The camera loves this color!


OPI came out with their Hello Kitty line a while ago, and I have blogged a bit about the three colors I own. This one is definitely my favorite.


This is childhood bedroom, girly girl, cotton candy at the fair, Valley of the Dolls, Sweet Sixteen dress pink.

It’s basically the purest pink in my collection. And I love it!


I also think the white caps of the Hello Kitty collection are something special. When I first saw them, I assumed they were just a plastic sleeve and I figured I’d get rid of it. But it’s not actually something you can take off very easily, and I love the look of the white caps among my black OPI caps. It makes the collection feel ultra special. Brands should do things like that more often, if the occasion is iconic enough to call for it!



Most of the Hello Kitty collection is sold out on BeyondPolish.com, but they sometimes get stuff back in stock, so be sure to check here. It’s also available on Walmart’s website if you’re in the US! Sometimes you find random nail polishes in the sale rack at Ulta or the neglected nail polish aisles of CVS pharmacies, so keep an eye out for those white caps. I hope you do find it if you don’t have it! Maybe OPI will re-release this instant-classic collection… A girl can dream.


There you have it. Look At My Bow! Thanks for reading, and be sure to let me know…

What’s YOUR favorite pink polish?




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