Oh So Cute! It’s ‘Look At My Bow’!

The sweetest pink! Also, these are my favorite nail polish swatches I've ever taken.

I Can’t Believe That Happened: My 24th Year

I was going through the archives of my blog the other day and found a post from New Year's Day 2014. I had written about how I didn't have a Bachelor's Degree yet, and didn't have a car or career. How I felt behind other people my age. It made me laugh and realize how … Continue reading I Can’t Believe That Happened: My 24th Year


5 Reasons to Re-Watch Friends

As many of you know, Friends hit Netflix early this month. I love the show and have all of the episodes on my external harddrive, but being able to watch on my iPad wherever I want is a dream come true. Despite my boyfriend hating the show, I have started a rewatch at season 1. … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Re-Watch Friends

It All Started At Macaroni Grill

Three years ago this summer marks getting my first restaurant job. I worked at Macaroni Grill in Westlake (the rich part of Austin). I started as a waitress and after a week of training/crying in my car on breaks, I decided waiting tables was not for me and became head hostess. Working at Macaroni Grill … Continue reading It All Started At Macaroni Grill