I Can’t Believe That Happened: My 24th Year

I was going through the archives of my blog the other day and found a post from New Year’s Day 2014. I had written about how I didn’t have a Bachelor’s Degree yet, and didn’t have a car or career. How I felt behind other people my age. It made me laugh and realize how much had changed between then and now! I know everyone says that every year, but damn this was a huge year for me. I changed just about every relationship in my life, and a lot happened.

In no order, here are some of the things that happened the year I turned 24:

I took a chemistry class and got a C-, WOO HOO! I made the first girlfriends I’ve had in years! I ate a lot of queso (but weigh the same so my body must respond well to chips, cheese, and margaritas)!

IMG_0917IMG_9871 IMG_1157

I took the last two phys ed classes of my life.

I presented a 15 minute version of my 36 page research paper on gender in BMX to the entire Southwestern sociology community.

Oh, and I wrote a 36 page paper and interviewed BMX riders on what they thought about the future of women BMX riders.

I made the BEST pizza ever- whole wheat crust, brie, figs, fig jam, and pancetta. I won the family pizza contest, beating my Italian boyfriend.

I visited my Poppy in Florida for my Fall Break.


I worked as a personal chef. I started playing Animal Crossing again for GameCube, and then bought a 3DS XL and became obsessed with Animal Crossing New Leaf! I didn’t get a haircut. This is the longest hair I’ve ever had! I got strep throat AGAIN. My doctor was not happy to see me with white spots in my throat, and says if it happens again, I have to get my tonsils out. I hit over 3,000 followers on Instagram! I BOUGHT A CAR!!!! A BRAND NEW CAR!!


I met a girl who was on The Bachelor a few seasons ago.

I met a girl who eats pecan pie every year on Thanksgiving even though she’s allergic to pecans and has to give herself an Epi Pen in order to not die after her indulgence.

I saw BJ Novak in Whole Foods.



My partner won MVP of the year at his company Christmas party- his first award ever- and I almost cried.

I ran over 50 miles!

IMG_9868 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My aunt, mom, and close friend Rose all came to my graduation (my aunt even flew in from Costa Rica for it!).

I tried ramen bowls, found chicken katsu curry, and fell in love with prosciutto, pancetta, and hard boiled eggs.

We grilled outside on the fire pit ALL THE TIME and then lied about it to the chief of the Austin fire department when he came to our house for a carbon monoxide leak!

I took the year off from blogging, but now I’m back!!


A lot more happened, but that seems like a pretty great list for now. Man, I can’t wait to see what my 25th year brings. I like these multiple-of-five years. 2010 was when I met Scott, and 1990 was when I was born. Bring it on, 2015! -Taylor


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