Too Faced Love Flush Blush

Hi everyone!

Lately I have been driving to different Sephoras and Ultas around Austin. I was trying to find a specific blush I saw on Too Faced cosmetic’s Instagram account. Once I saw this blush, brand new for the summer, I was obsessed. Here they are on Too Faced’s site, as well.


The tentative dates for the blushes were hazy- possibly mid-July? Available right away on Too Faced’s website, but I didn’t to order it online and wait. I like the hunt! I showed my boyfriend the blushes, and he memorized their two details- heart shaped and bunnies. We headed off.

First we went to the Sephora in JC Penney’s in Round Rock, Texas. This place is right across from Ikea and is one of my favorite makeup spots when I’m up for a drive. They have a much smaller selection of everything, since it’s actually inside a department store, but the employees are always really nice and helpful. It’s the Sephora to go to in case you want to get samples of stuff.

No dice on the blushes, though! Despite finding some things, I walked out empty handed, since I wanted to save my money for when I meet my blush destiny.

We went to Ulta one afternoon, and saw there was nothing new in the Too Faced display. I tried on some Urban Decay blushes and really loved them (the purple and red ones are cool). Yet I stayed focused.


The Sephora next to Trader Joe’s was a harder destination, since they close by 7 PM, while I normally started my makeup hunting at 8 PM. I checked the Sephora website and typed in my zip code, seeing that the blush wasn’t in stores 100 miles around me. Same for Ulta.

A few nights later, we headed to the Barton Square Mall to explore the Sephora there.

I didn’t see the blushes in the display, and Scott was momentarily struck by the Sweetheart blushes (heart shaped, sure), thinking he had struck gold. A little bit sadly, realizing my hunt would have to continue later in the month, I picked up a few items I had my eye on (more on those later).

I’m at the register checking out. Scott is complimenting the Sephora Associate’s sugarpill eyeshadow look (I guess he had spent enough time in beauty stores with me the last few days that he knew this stuff- although the word “eyeshadow” came out like it had a question mark at the end, haha). Suddenly, I notice something behind the register behind the cashier in a little plastic bin labeled “GO BACKS.”

“Are those the Too Faced Love Flush blushes?” I ask, pointing to the box, my voice decidedly breathless.

“Ummm,” the cashier turns around. “Yes! They are! I guess people returned these.”

“Can I… buy one? Are they for sale?”


She lets me pick through the three colors. One is a pale peach that I wasn’t interested in (the plastic heart was beige), and the other was a darker blush (and the heart is purple-y). The last blush in there was the one I wanted- one named “How Deep Is Your Love”, which is also a great Bee Gee’s song.

IMG_4604 IMG_4606

Just look at those beauties! I love the little plastic heart case, and the cute heart shaped mirror. The bunnies and little Too Faced in cursive is just too cute for words. The blush applies really sheer. I’m wearing it in the photo below… I actually think I need to start applying it with a heavier hand! I just love this blush.


What makeup items have you gotten obsessed with this year? This is definitely the product of the year for me. It sits right on my vanity and it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. I think it reminds me of my old Polly Pocket heart shaped house toy!

From one makeup addict to another, have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Too Faced Love Flush Blush

  1. I do love these blushes. Thank you for the post. Now i’m sure that i have to buy it.
    P.S. If you are interested in cats and cosmetics you may visit to my blog 🙂

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