The Case For Fake Nails

Hey everyone!

Gorgeous long nails are all over Instagram. There are tons of adorable long nails on make up artist Sssamanthaa’s and Kylie Jenner’s instagrams (look at this adorable neon mani on Kylie!)…


I always ask myself how these gorgeous claws are possible, and how you wash the dishes with them- but I guess that’s not really something Kylie Jenner has to worry about! Whenever I used to get my nails done in Hawaii, I would get acrylics that would stay on for about two weeks… but they were short, square, and French tipped.

As a recent college grad, I don’t have the money to go to a nail salon and find out for myself.

I found a $5 solution!

KISS Fake Nails in Medium Oval give me the exact shape I want, and look amazing when painted. Whenever I have them on, I can’t help but stare at them, tap them on everything, and take tons of pictures of them.

IMG_1303 IMG_1123

I can file them to be sharper like Kylie’s, but this sort of rounded look is actually preferable for my life. KISS also has a square version.IMG_1228












The squares are slightly less cute in my opinion, but experimenting with these drugstore nails is ADDICTING!

So I’m sure you want to know…


Each pack of KISS nails comes with quick dry nail glue in a tiny bottle. There are nail glues available from Sally’s Beauty with a little brush (that work better and last longer, but this is all about doing it on the cheap!). I dot the glue on right from the bottle.

In my fake nail experiments, I learned to just dot on enough nail glue to cover the main nail bed. If I apply too much, my fingertips and cuticles get all hard with dried nail glue. I don’t need to spread the glue around, and instead just stick the nail onto my fingernail. Do this step very carefully, as you only get one shot at placement! I place the nail onto my finger and press down hard.

Then I have to file the plastic nail once it’s on, since there are usually little white nibs at the top from where they were broken apart in the factory (because they’re $5 nails, after all!!).

Then once the fake nails are dried onto my real nails, they will be hard and immobile- I can’t pull them off without serious pain. I like the look of the plain clear long nail, but usually end up painting them.

People usually compliment these nails when I wear them out, and always ask where I get them done! It feels amazing to say that I do them myself.

But… And here’s the huge but… these nails only last for two days. After the second day, they start popping off one by one.

You can probably make them last longer if you’re not an idiot like me: I do dishes, wash my hair with a whole scalp massage method, clean my house, and PICK AT THE NAILS cause it feels so cool. Lol. Dumb.

The package claims they last about a week, and if you’re careful and avoid water, this is not unrealistic. Using a better nail glue from Sally’s would help, as would a good gel topcoat.


One problem I have with these cute ass nails is that they occasionally get caught and break off, which is as painful as it sounds. I broke a fake nail opening my car door once, and that pain is REAL.

If you’re curious, you should totally give fake nails a try!

You get 100 nails for the price, so it’s worth a shot!



One thought on “The Case For Fake Nails

  1. Although acrylics are high maintenance (unless you nails grow really slowly) I still think they are a much better option than stick on nails. They are the most reliable for staying power. The shorter you wear them, the longer you can go before needing a refill. I couldn’t bear the thought on one popping off (publicly) lol 💅 💅

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