Lime Green Nails for Summer!

This apple green polish looks so perfect against a flimsy white sundress....

CND Vinylux: Electric Orange

We got a good one, guys!!

❀ 10 Fun Facts About Me!

#6- I don't believe in astrology. Although I am a Leo and I do like to shine...

Flashback Five!

Bring me your candids, your old eyebrows, your neglected favorites from 2008...

Oh So Cute! It’s ‘Look At My Bow’!

The sweetest pink! Also, these are my favorite nail polish swatches I've ever taken.

It’s Bikini So Teeny!

This periwinkle blue is the spiritual sister to Millenial Pink.

Pirate Bikes

One of the reasons I chose to go to Southwestern University was the bikes. It's something they're known for- they call them the Pirate bikes. All over Southwestern's beautiful, Hogwarts-y campus are bright yellow cruiser bikes. If you find one, you just get on it and ride to your next class or dorm. When I saw … Continue reading Pirate Bikes


What I Know About American University

It's almost that time of year where my twin brother heads back Washington DC. I hate this time of year, and I am starting to suspect that the problem is American University. Since my brother goes to AU, I have decided to find out as much as I can about it. They have been getting … Continue reading What I Know About American University