Summer Days

Today is the first really “Texas hot” day of summer, so I am camped out inside with my fan pointed at me. It is also a good day to relax, since yesterday was a big day. I had work, a dentist appointment (wisdom teeth drama), fought with my brother, hooked up my TV, on and … Continue reading Summer Days

A Few Weeks Away

Hello! I have SUCH blog guilt. I took a few weeks off from my two blogs while my semester wrapped at Southwestern. I finished up my three classes (and all their papers and finals), started a job, and moved out of my apartment and back home with my family. This weekend my brother flew home … Continue reading A Few Weeks Away

What Happened To Goodbye Tour!

I’ve had it marked on my calendar for a month now.   Tonight was the night- Sarah Dessen came to Book People in Austin! I saw her once before at the Texas Book Fest, and I blogged about her about a month ago on here. As someone who writes for teenage girls, there is no one I … Continue reading What Happened To Goodbye Tour!