What Happened To Goodbye Tour!

I’ve had it marked on my calendar for a month now.
Tonight was the night- Sarah Dessen came to Book People in Austin! I saw her once before at the Texas Book Fest, and I blogged about her about a month ago on here. As someone who writes for teenage girls, there is no one I admire more than Sarah.


I loved WHTG, and it was while reading it that I began my current work. I had been in Florida taking care of my grandfather, and we discussed how there are just some people in the same field as you who are so amazing that it makes you a little crazy, giddy, and also motivates you (Poppy is an artist & trained under some famous painters. He gets it.)

So obviously, all that said, I was thrilled to get to see Sarah again tonight! Here I am waiting with the masses. So cool to be amongst other girls who love YA and still buy books. 


At 7, Sarah arrived from the mysterious upstairs part of Book People where they always stash the celebs, and she started her talk. I was wondering what she would say, since we had obviously all read WHTG so she couldn’t read parts from it. Instead, she read the opening of her new book, out in June.

She is such an engaging speaker— she speaks like she writes. Warm, smart, self-deprecating, witty. I just wanted her to go on and on, and Scott was majorly impressed.

As a side note, Scott was so excited to go and see Sarah. At first I said I would take my mom or go alone, and he was majorly insulted. He was ready to buy a book of his own to get in! He always listens to my work when I get stuck, but he’s never actually read teen fiction. He shook hands with Sarah afterwards and talked to her more than I did! We talked about the event for like 2 hours afterwards, all excited.

Sarah talked about the settings of her books, and I found out that Colby is supposed to be Emerald Isle. Wow, thank you to my high school best friend Katie for living there! I’ve flown to Jacksonville and stayed in “Colby” twice now!

She answered questions and talked a lot about her writing process, and life as a writer. This was the best thing ever. She talked about how she got her start writing, and how she would pass around her stories in high school and her friends would read them between periods. She told us how her husband won’t let them watch How To Deal anymore, since she’s seen it a zillion times. But really, a movie was adapted from her books. How could she not watch it a zillion times?

When she said that she hates books once she is done, I almost stood up to cheer. Because honestly, revising my book ‘Into The Ocean’ is a hellish process! She talked about writing boys, and how she feels guilty if she doesn’t write 7 days a week. She said that Dreamland has a special place in her heart, and she felt she really set the bar with Dexter from This Lullaby. She did some trivia and gave out pens to the winners, which I thought was very cool. 

So really, for those of you who weren’t lucky enough to go, or don’t get my Sarah Dessen obsession: Sarah Dessen wears sun dresses, runs, loves Whole Foods, loves Austin, loves pop culture, and writes the most amazing books for teen girls out there. That’s like my dream BFF right there!


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