Summer 2012 was the best summer of my life. I wrote my first book, hung out with my best friends, and my brother, Scott, and I traveled to Long Island to meet Scott’s family. Not everything was perfect or easy, of course, but it really was one of the most fun, magical times.

So here’s why it was awesome, illustrated in BEVERAGES!

Of course, it was Texas-hot, so iced coffee was a must! & Topo Chico.

And margaritas at Austin’s various Tex-Mex places…

We loved getting bubble tea from Veggie Heaven on Guadalupe.

Scott got thai tea (without bubbles- he’s weird like that), I got vanilla with bubbles, and Tom got this insane green apple one that was so sweet and sour I immediately became chemically addicted- haha. 

And this was probably our biggest obsession- on really hot days after the skate park, we would head over to Mr. Natural on Lamar and get huge fresh juices. In this pic, Tom got cantaloupe, Scott got spinach apple, and I got watermelon. Amazing!

Summer 2013 is going to be even better. I could really go for a fresh watermelon juice right now!


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