Tex Mex!

I tend to eat at the same restaurant over and over.

Every time Scott and I rack our brains, thinking of where we want to eat, we always come to the one place we always go to. I’m talking about going there so often we become friends with the waitstaff and offer critiques on specials.

So the other day, hoping to avoid this, my brother suggested Zocalos Tex-Mex over in the Clarksville section of Austin.


I ordered the tacos del barrio with ground turkey, and a side of fruit. I did not like the jicama- tasted very crispy and fresh like an Asian pear, but without the flavor! Weird.

I had a “soltini”- they called this a margarita with pineapple and mango juices with strawberry syrup.

It was all amazing! On their menu, Zocalos also says that they don’t use any hydrogenated oils, which was a huge reason we went there (or why we can’t go most places).


Going to a different restaurant was a big reminder to keep trying new things and seeing more of our city.


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