My Fave Morgan Taylor Polish PLUS New Nail Care Methods!

Hey everyone!

Today I have achieved the almost-impossible… I photographed Morgan Taylor’s Pop-Arazzi Pose! I’ve tried this on three separate occasions. This polish is craz-ay hard to take color accurate pictures of, and color correcting it in the editing process makes it look like an orange mess. It’s not Pop-Arazzi Pose’s fault. When a color is this HOT and GORGEOUS in person my iPhone can only do so much!


Also, possibly even more excitingly, I also started painting my nails a new way! Whoa! I learned some tips and tricks this week, and I obviously must pass them on now that they’ve passed my test.


Fuchsia meets hot pink. Bright and eye-catching.



Okay, so this polish is a lil’ weird. It can be on the thick side, and it dries a little differently than most polishes. But this is my SECOND bottle of Pop-Pose, which just goes to show how much I love this one. I’ve only gone through and replaced a few bottles in my life as a nail polish addict, and this is one of them (OPI’s Fashion A Bow is another!).

I have to apply this one in thin coats, since it’s so thick. It dries semi-matte and wants to goop up so be precise. If you stop and shake the bottle often, this one will look perfect in three coats. I know three coats sounds like a lot, but it’s long wearing and very beautiful, so it’s worth it!



This color is a vivid dark hot pink in person (told you it was hard to photograph!). The picture below is color accurate, except this shade is really hot and almost neon in person under a shiny top coat!



It’s really pretty and I love it. Lol.


No, but seriously, this color is really long lasting and high quality. Morgan Taylor polishes are probably the most mature brand in my collection. They have a great wide brush but a slightly less reliable formula compared to OPI. It’s from their spring 2015 collection, and it’s still for sale online for $9.


I started taking care of my cuticles this week. I never really made that a priority before, even though I’m this nail polish blogger girl. I was looking at the Sally Beauty website since they sent me some good coupons this week, trying to figure out what I wanted to pick up. I saw great reviews on this cuticle lotion, and a Beauty Secrets tool that people recommended. I bought them and spent a ridiculously long time getting used to both and cleaning my cuticles with this little double-sided tool. It was really satisfying and awesome!

Now before I give myself a manicure, I follow these steps:

-Apply Blue Cross to cuticles and rub it in. It’s runny, so you might want to use a cotton pad to apply.

-Push down cuticles with rubber side of tool.

-Clean out cuticles and dead skin with gentle metal prong side.

-Apply nail polish remover to get any lingering old polish off.

-Apply nail oil (more on that below) to rehydrate cuticles.

-File nails from one side to the middle then the other side to the middle (as opposed to sawing across).


Additionally, I started watching some nail tutorial videos on YouTube lately, including popular channel SimplyNailogical. I watched her video on growing out your nails, in which she recommended using nail oil often! I had this mango jojoba oil one laying around from a trip to Sally’s, so now I’m using it three times a day. I paint the nail oil onto my cuticles and under my nail in the back to keep my nails supple and moisturized.


I also learned to paint my nails a slightly different way in order to get the polish to last longer. It’s suggested that you paint the nail but leave a bit of space at the bottom between the cuticle and polish. This is so you can apply the top coat over that blank space which helps the polish last longer.


And my last new tip is to wrap the nail with polish. You can see what I mean in the photo above! I hit the underside with a little polish and top coat when painting my nails. It helps a manicure to not chip.


Take care of your cuticles!

Use nail oil!

Wrap the tips of your nail with polish and leave a little space at the bottom.

Pop-Arazzi Pose is a beautiful hot pink!

Let me know if you try any of these manicure methods! And leave me a comment on Instagram if you like Morgan Taylor polishes and cute manicures as much as I do- I’m @taylordorothynails!





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