Inside scoop on all my loves…

Hey everyone!

I have updated and finished a new section on my blog! Actually, it’s been on here since the beginning but now it’s fresh for 2017. It’s a page called The Go-To! The Go-To is the directory of all the products I love and use regularly, from makeup to hair to skin care.

Also- like I said, this page has been around since the inception of, way back when I was still Cinnamon Sugar Beauty 😜. I had a fun time updating everything on there this weekend and seeing which products I used to use and which I’m still loving, like my favorite bronzer! Hey, it smells like chocolate… How can other bronzers top that?? I was still using a lot more drugstore products back then and was definitely a newbie to beauty. Now my list is well tested and I bet you can find some new favorites on there!

So go check it out and tell me what you think! I can update it more with more categories and favorites if I’m missing anything. You can email me, as well: contact[@]

I have some cool nail things coming in the mail today, too, and I’m super excited to post about them this week…! Yay!

Click on over to ♡ THE GO-TO ♡!

Have a great week,



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