Orly Polish: Fireball!

Hey everyone!

There’s this hot, glowing red on my Orly shelf that I just have to write about. It’s unique, it’s sexy, and it has a very accurate name. Of course I’m talking about Orly Polish’s Fireball! It’s from their summer 2015 Adrenaline Rush collection (my love Push The Limit was also in this lineup!). Let’s see if this neon shimmer is a must have, or a total skip!

orly fireball

This polish is still sold in stores (unlike some other beautiful nail polishes I’ve talked about) and is easy to find! I even saw it recently at Target! This is an eye-catching color, so don’t be surprised if you’re drawn to Fireball next time you’re looking over the Orlys.

orly fireball
The shimmer is showing up better here! Natural light.

Let’s talk about the color…

It’s a hot, poppy red base, with hot pink shimmer, and definitely some orange. There aren’t a lot of neon reds out there, so this one is cool! I love how it changes in different lights, and the hot pink shimmer is much more emphasized in person.

I would describe it as a juicy fruit punch neon! Orly describes it as an atomic red.

orly fireball

Let’s talk FORMULA…

It was almost opaque in one coat, and was good by two. It was easy to apply, which I think is because of Orly’s great grippy caps. The caps make it easier to apply the polish on the sidewalls. The polish dried slightly matte each coat, although I could still see the shimmer. I really didn’t like how it looked without the top coat, and the top coat made the shimmer pop.

All in all, I found this polish easy to work with and it has an amazing pay-off. It lasted an average amount of time on me (around 3 days) and looked great the whole time. No chips after doing dishes.


This one was very hard to photograph, like a lot of neons.

orly fireball

Other thoughts…

The name Fireball is definitely fitting and pretty cute. I don’t have a lot of shimmers, so this is a nice addition to my collection. It didn’t stain upon removal. Also, this is one of the polishes in my collection I’ve gotten compliments on a few times. That’s always nice 😜


What do you guys think of this fun color?

Let me know! And you can always follow me on my nails Instagram to talk more polish 😉




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