❀ MY REVIEW: Erin Condren Life Planner

Hey everyone!

I’ve officially been using my Erin Condren planner for a few weeks now. I have a lot of thoughts, and it’s time for my review!

Was it worth the $70? Is it too big? Do I love it like I thought I would? Let’s find out!

❀ First, what is the Erin Condren life planner?

Erin Condren is a brand name, just like any other. Having an Erin Condren life planner just means I ordered it from the Erin Condren website instead of picking out my planner at Target or something. It’s an entire brand devoted to planners and all the accessories parallel to that. I really like this brand and when I decided I wanted a planner, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted it to be an EC Life Planner.

erin condren planner

❀ What dates are covered in it?

My planner goes from June 26, 2017 until January 6, 2019. Looking at the options now, I probably would have chosen July 2017 to June 2018, so the planner would be thinner. I don’t really need those dates that far into the future for planning purposes, and I feel like I’ll run out of note pages in the back well before mid-2018. It would be better to just buy a second planner in June 2018 than have one so far in the future, personally. But if you’re a student, it would be great to be able to map over a year of your life in one place!

erin condren planner

❀ What is a life planner for?

Life planners are for staying organized! They’re very popular with mothers, teachers, and students. I am none of those, but I do like to keep track of my life. I write down what I did every day, use the calendar of the month to mark down important dates, and track bills I need to pay. I have always been a SUPER organized person- my room has never been messy, my books are categorized alphabetically by author, and my vanity gets a monthly reorganization. So having a beautiful, neat planner fits perfectly in my lifestyle.

erin condren planner

❀ What kind of planner did I get?

I got the customized Floating Florals life planner with a horizontal weekly planner style, a colorful color scheme inside, and a gold spiral. The gold spiral was $10 extra, but it matches the yellow cover and looks gorgeous. They also have ROSE GOLD 😍, black, and platinum spirals. I customized it to have my name on the front, and then I put those stickers on there of me and my old dog (lol I sort of wish I hadn’t, the stickers are hard to get off but oh well!).

erin condren planner

❀ Some notes on quality!

They printed this on some of the nicest, heaviest paper I’ve ever seen, without it being noticeable like heavy stationary. I can write my daily activities in marker and it doesn’t bleed through! Same with the kind of nice pens that made it so I had to take one sided notes in college (know what I mean?). The cover is a light plastic laminate that you can write on with dry erase markers. This thing is REALLY nice- it’s undeniable. It looks great sitting on my desk, and it calls to me to open it and jot stuff down just by how beautiful it looks. I get great satisfaction out of writing in here.

erin condren planner

❀ My tips to ordering one:

First, good call! Second, head over to their website and look at all the different options for life planners. There’s got to be a cover that appeals to you! And remember, most of those cover options can be totally customized. The original Floating Florals cover is navy, and I made mine yellow with a white font. The color choices are really easy to pick from, too, even though there are plenty. Take your time and decide what layout, color scheme, time frame, coil, and design you want. It should all come pretty easy to you. I knew right away, just by looking at the choices.

erin condren planner

❀ Be sure to get accessories.

I decided to go for the free shipping at $100 and used double sided markers, their dry erase markers, customized stickers, and compliment cards to get there.

Order the double sided markers, because those are the best. So are the customized photo stickers– you can upload any image and they legit print out SO high quality, and for only $5 for a whole sheet. I’m definitely doing that again. You can get other stickers, too, and they actually have a massive selection of accessories. If you get dry erase markers, get their wipes. Windex wipes are a little too strong and aren’t formulated for their brand of dry erase markers like I thought! I really like how all of their accessories are cute and have designs on them, making them very photogenic!

erin condren planner

❀ I would skip…

-The pen holder. Maybe because my planner doesn’t leave my house, but I always have pens nearby and didn’t need this little loop that attaches my pen to my planner after all.-

-Bookmark. They have rulers and page finders that you clip in so you don’t lose your place in your planner. I don’t use mine after all. It’s easy to flip back to the current date.

-The compliment cards. I haven’t used them, and some came for free with the planner.

-All the extra months until the end of 2018.

❀ So… Should you get one?

If you’re a blogger who wants to keep track of your posts, daily activities, and upcoming events, I think a life planner like this is a must have! It’s beautiful, it’s easy to use, and this kind of home base organizationally can be a real life changer. It’s so worth the money because you get SO MUCH. Mine was packed with stickers, note pages, calendars, cards, and more. I absolutely adore having this, and surprise, surprise, this is a rave review!

erin condren planner

What do you think? Do you like this planner?

And are you an organized person? Tell me I’m not the only organized-happy little neat freak out there!



9 thoughts on “❀ MY REVIEW: Erin Condren Life Planner

  1. I just started keeping a planner this year for my blog on a monthly calendar but this sounds amazing! I’m always having to use a spare notebook to supplement my little planner because there’s no room in mine!

  2. I love the EC and have used it for three years. Sometimes I feel like life is overwhelming and writing it all down doesn’t mean it happens, but it’s a great tool either way.

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