ATX Good Life: Cow Tipping Creamery’s 1 Year Anniversary

Hey everyone!

This past weekend marked the one year anniversary of Cow Tipping Creamery’s storefront location! They used to just be food trucks, and now they have a home to call their own in South Austin. I love Cow Tipping Creamery and was excited to head down there to celebrate their 1 year!

Cow Tipping Creamery is a soft serve ice cream shop that specializes in cool sundaes called stackers. They have a great menu and lots of fun options. They have chocolate and vanilla soft serve, and then one weekly special flavor.

I saw on Instagram that they were celebrating the rest of the week with…

Birthday cake flavored soft serve!


I love all things birthday cake flavored (almost as much as cotton candy), and my boyfriend Scott loves funfetti cake, so we knew we HAD to try the “It’s Your Birthday” stacker sundae with the ideal mix-ins of funfetti cake and birthday cake ice cream.

The “It’s Your Birthday” stacker is: soft serve of choice, chunks of the cake of the week, birthday cake crumb, rainbow sprinkles, and white chocolate sauce. Their whole thing with stackers is that they layer this stuff throughout, so it’s not like a normal sundae where you eat the toppings and are stuck with plain ice cream.

The best part of sundaes from Cow Tipping Creamery are the bottom!!

cow tipping creamery
See all the sauce and sprinkles on the bottom??

We went around 7:30 PM on Saturday, which was AMAZINGLY actually a good time to go. The girl behind the counter said that an hour before, the line had been split in two directions, down one sidewalk and the other. And that in an hour, it would be even worse than that! Wrapped all the way around the building!

Don’t get me wrong, though- just because we didn’t wait in line didn’t mean it wasn’t still crazy to my highly-sensitive-introvert self. The teeny tiny storefront was packed with people in line, waiting for their ice cream, and eating it indoors to avoid the heat. Scott and I ordered, and the cashiers charmed us into leaving a nice tip. They said they can make hundreds of dollars a night EACH just from tips on summer nights like this!! I can understand how!

They make each stacker by hand with care.

cow tipping creamery

The birthday cake soft serve was so good!

The coffeeshop next door that shares their tables and outdoor area was having some kind of trivia night, which was fun to listen to while splitting our kiddie sized sundae. It was just so delicious! The cake was great, as was the white chocolate sauce.

The only problem is these sundaes don’t fill you up or leave you totally satisfied because they’re soft serve. The ice cream is so soft and fluffy that you can just eat it and eat it forever, lol. I do really love that this place has new flavors and specials every single week, though. I love when places mix it up. And if you miss a special, you miss it- they are truly limited edition!

That doesn’t mean I’m not going back, though! According to their facebook, this week’s soft serve of the week is PEACH!!! And I love peaches!! I took this photo from them- I haven’t tried this one yet.

cow tipping creamery

This week’s special stacker (until next Monday, I think) is roasted peach soft serve, snickerdoodle peach cobbler, buttermilk sauce, and brown sugar hot fudge. Doesn’t that sound cool? I wonder if I’d like buttermilk sauce.

What do you think? Would you like that peach sundae?



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