China Glaze: That’s Shore Bright!

Hey everyone!

There’s a purple nail polish in my collection that definitely stands out from the rest. It’s not a lavender or lilac, nor is it a vampy dark purple. Don’t you hate how nail polishes are either pastel or dark? There aren’t a lot of true colors out there- true blues, true greens. At least, this is how it seems to me.

China Glaze’s That’s Shore Bright, however, is a TRUE purple. A beautiful, royal, look at me purple.,default,pd.html

This is a good one, and you should probably pick this one up if you don’t have it.

So let’s dive in!

china glaze thats shore bright

This polish is from that amazing 2013 Sunsational collection that China Glaze put out. You can see the other greatest hits here, here, and here (Oh, how I loved Too Yacht to Handle!). Unlike a lot of the others, this one is not a neon. It’s an orchid purple creme.


Let’s talk FORMULA!

As you guys probably know, China Glaze can be tough sometimes. Streaky, prone to chipping, clumpy… So how did That’s Shore Bright do? Let’s see…

It dried completely matte. It was okay in one coat- but the formula was noticeably thick. I waited for the first coat to fully dry, and applied the second coat. Oh no. Now this isn’t going well. It looks lumpy AND streaky somehow. Is my bottle old?? What’s happening? I waited while it dried completely matte again (very fast drying) and went in with the third coat.

The third coat looked and felt great, which was pretty surprising. And then I went in with my shiniest top coat (Seche Vite quick dry) and everything just gelled.

And then the whole manicure looked INCREDIBLE!!

Third coat, pre-top coat. Matte!

I was so pleased once the top coat was on, and my bottle of That’s Shore Bright was redeemed.

china glaze thats shore bright

It is currently for sale on Amazon (for like $3!!) as well as on  Beyond Polish for $3.25. This is a favorite, favorite, favorite. You should definitely use this one if you have it, and pick it up if you don’t! It’s a gorgeous color and good formula.

china glaze that's shore bright

As you can see, it’s a beautiful mid-range purple color. It looks great with a glossy top coat, and although it didn’t last crazy long on me (it chipped the second night, after doing a billion dishes), I loved it while it was on. If you want a really creamy, neutral purple, this is a great year-round shade!

And if you’re a fan of the Sweet Valley High books (and more of a Jessica than an Elizabeth), this purple nail polish is perfect for The Unicorn Club. Did anyone else read and love those books growing up? Way more scandalous than the Babysitter’s Club!

What do you think? Do you like this purple color?




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