Fall Manicure: OPI’s First Date At The Golden Gate

Hey everyone!

I am over the flu and ready to share some beautiful nail polishes! Today I have a very unique color that will show the world you’re ready for fall. Isn’t fall the best? I’m in pumpkin mode already. I just can’t find pumpkin coffee creamer yet… Once my coffee is totally pumpkin-afied, I’ll be unstoppable! Haha.

This fall polish is First Date at the Golden Gate, from OPI’s 2013 San Francisco fall collection. That line-up lingered around my Ulta for YEARS, and a lot of those polishes were added to the permanent collection. First Date is still easy to find for this reason- you can pick it up at Target!

first date at the golden gate opi fall nail polish


This is a warm, toasty brown red. I loved the color on my nails after the first coat- it was like a light red with major pumpkin notes. But by the third coat, we got this gorgeous light brick red.

first date at the golden gate opi fall nail polish


This is a very watery formula, so I wouldn’t recommend it to a total nail newbie. Due to the thin formula, this polish did not give me perfect coverage (unlike the coverage I got with this Orly blue, for example). However, it went on great and applied nicely. This is one of those polishes that wants to flood your cuticles! Overall, it’s a totally doable formula since the color is so great, but it is a thin one. It took three coats to get opacity.

I think you can see how carefully I applied this one in the photo below. Watery formulas just take a little bit of TLC for such even coverage.



The glossy top coat I applied really brought out those rusty undertones. I love how unique this one looks on the nails, and it looks amazing with my cuddly taupe sweaters. This polish is out of a magazine shoot for pairing with fall colors. It looked amazing when I wore my brown faux-suede skirt and cream long sleeve top- so chic!

first date at the golden gate opi fall nail polish


Color: 9/10

Formula: 6.5/10

Uniqueness: 9/10

Pairs well with the cutest fall OOTDs: 10/10

first date at the golden gate opi fall nail polish

What do you think of this one?

Do you love this color as much as I do?

Are you getting enjoying fall so far? Or are you on the other side of the world from me and it’s spring? Either way, have a great week!



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