OPI New Orleans Collection

I may only own two colors, but I’m calling it.

This is one of my favorite OPI collections ever.


These colors are gorgeous, and I may be alone here, but this is an exciting variety of shades. They fit together and seem to be more on theme with New Orleans than that OPI Hawaii collection (which had nothing to do with Hawaii, in my opinion).

I bought two shades when they hit stores earlier this month.

I grabbed “She’s A Bad Muffuletta” which has quickly become one of my favorite polishes of all time. It’s funny- my partner Scott picked this color out for me at Sally’s, and it goes along with his streak of picking out my all time favorite colors. He was the one who picked out my all time favorite polish, Orly’s “Cotton Candy,” which I passed over initially. The second one I grabbed from the New Orlean line was “Suzi Nails New Orleans.”

She’s A Bad Muffuletta! (left) and Suzi Nails New Orleans (right)

Later on this week, I’ll be blogging about the Hello Kitty collection, which contains a pink similar to Suzi Nails New Orleans, in that it’s a standout pink. But Suzi Nails New Orleans is more versatile and adult. Here’s a swatch, below. It’s pretty and mature for such a girly pink.

Photo Mar 26, 6 31 59 PM

Here is a swatch of She’s A Bad Muffuletta.

Photo Mar 26, 6 31 55 PM

If you’re looking for a spring time red, I would honestly say you should buy this one. When I first bought it, I wore it for a week straight- which NEVER happens. I like to change my polish daily (crazy, right? Does anyone else do that?) and so the fact that I chose this one over and over again really means something. The pictures don’t even do it justice! This baby is gorgeous.

I am definitely going to try and grab more of the awesome shades from this collection… Although I’ve already heard OPI has pastels out for spring. Tempting!

Have a great day,




2 thoughts on “OPI New Orleans Collection

  1. Not crazy. My best friend changes her polish daily to match whatever she’s wearing that day. The nail polish is an accessory like earrings or a good scarf!

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