Recipe: Stuffed Greek Peppers

Hey everyone!

This week, my boyfriend Scott has a crazy work schedule. So I hooked him up with some healthy and filling lunches to take. And lucky for him, I don’t love stuffed peppers, so he doesn’t even have to share.

These are a great meal to take on the go, and they are flavor packed. Here’s the recipe!



1 can of Cannelini beans

Green onion

Brown rice

Tomatoes (I used San Marzano cherry tomatoes)


Red onion

Bell peppers (pick super crunchy ones!)






To start, I used a box grater to get the zucchini very small and perfect for stuffing inside a pepper. I did cut my wrist grating it, so be careful. I chopped my tomato and green onions. I cut the red onion as small and fine as I could. This onion really gave me trouble. It ruined my makeup because I had to rub my eyes so much. Stupid red onion. This meal was really easy to make, despite it hurting my eyes and wrist in the process 😂. I used instant brown rice and just put it in the bowl since it would cook inside the pepper.


I mixed my filling together in a big bowl. Then I sliced the bottom of each pepper so it could sit flat in the baking dish, but didn’t have any holes for the filling to leak out of.

Then I stuffed each pepper, gently placed them in my glass pie dish, and baked them for a half an hour at 375 degrees. Sorry I didn’t take more pictures of them when out of the oven. Bad blogger! Haha.

I cut each one in half when they were done, and put one whole halved pepper into tupperwares for Scott to take. His boss was complimenting the smell each time Scott heated them up at work, and Scott didn’t get sick of them even after several days in a row. Total success!

Let me know if you make these!

Vegetarian food is so fun.



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