World’s Greatest SUNBLOCK

I would say I'm a pragmatist So it makes sense to me to base all (or at least plenty) of my decisions on logic and reason. Take wearing sunblock. We all know we should do it, but it falls by the wayside unless we're actually at the beach or floating the river. But the truth is … Continue reading World’s Greatest SUNBLOCK


Skin Care

Hey everyone! Recently, my makeup addiction has veered back to basics. I have been super interested in skin care- learning about it, implementing new products, and trying to take amazing care of my largest organ. I have started a new routine that I am still tweaking, but it is a great start. For the record, … Continue reading Skin Care


Hey everyone!! Today I wanted to talk about figuring out your skin's undertones. It's a super helpful trick when it comes to picking out foundations and concealers, and even make up colors. It's one of those things, like whether your skin is dry, oily, combo, or normal, that will help you know more about yourself … Continue reading WARM, COOL, OR NEUTRAL TONED?