Skin Care

Hey everyone!

Recently, my makeup addiction has veered back to basics. I have been super interested in skin care- learning about it, implementing new products, and trying to take amazing care of my largest organ. I have started a new routine that I am still tweaking, but it is a great start. For the record, I have normal-dry, sensitive skin with occasional minor break outs, so this routine is based around that.

First, I cleanse my face with Garnier’s micellar water (I found mine at Target, but if you can’t find it, Simple Beauty’s micellar water is virtually the same) using cotton pads.

Then I gently exfoliate my skin using witch hazel. I think once I finish my generic one from Target, I will purchase the preferable T.N. Dickinson Rose Water witch hazel instead. Witch hazel is a topical astringent that tones the skin and removes anything my cleanser missed. My skin feels cleaner and looks brighter after I do this step.

After cleansing and toning, I moisturize. I use CeraVe (the tub not the bottle) and am obsessed with it. So is all of Reddit’s skincare groups. This stuff is bomb.

Finally, inspired by Korean skincare routines, there is yet another step. I apply a light oil to lock in moisture and plump skin. I use the incredible, well priced Sonia Kashuk radiance boost oil. I highly recommend this oil! It also looks like a $50 bottle from Sephora on my vanity, and has a really nice dropper that makes application easy.

I have a huuuge list of skincare products and techniques to try & research further, such as sheet masks, AHAs, retinol, clay masks, snail essences, spot treatments, hydrocolloid bandaids, and lactic acid. It’s a whole interesting world to explore, and it just enhances the makeup world!

What’s your skincare routine like?




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