Running Music

Hey! It’s almost spring.

Which to me means running season.

I am the most unprepared runner I know. I have one pair of shorts that I love (and two that will work but kind of suck), one sports bra that Under Armour discontinued making, and I recently lost my armband so I have to use Scott’s, which is sized for his bicep and certainly not mine.

The one area where I am really on it is my running playlists. The music I listen to while running is super important to me, and it’s an essential part of the experience. I can’t run without music, and I can’t just throw on some random playlist or podcast. In fact, my running playlist is curated even past the songs. The order is important, and I use the ‘More Options’ button in Itunes to shave seconds off the beginning and ends of songs for a more seamless, nonstop transition.

In case you’re like me, I figured I would share the songs that have me beating the pavement this spring. These are all fast, upbeat songs for a fast, thirty minute run. Runs and workouts are the BEST time to listen to terrible music you otherwise would skip on the radio. Cheesy, catchy, dancey, popular five years ago- it all goes!

1-4: Buffy The Vampire Slayer theme song (This gets me pumped since Buffy is my favorite show, and the song is awesome! Having the instrumental song on repeat 4 times pushes me through those first two minutes- no thinking, no stopping.)

5: Move Your Feet- Junior Senior

6: Problem- Ariana Grande

7: Sorry – Justin Beiber

8: Pain- Jimmy Eat World

9: Classic- The Knocks

10: Holdin On- Flume

11: Surf Wax America- Weezer

12: Who Gon Stop Me- Jay-Z/Kanye West

13: I’m Sorry Mama- Eminem

14: Cinema- Benny Benassi

15: If You Didn’t See Me- Dale Earnhart Jr. Jr.

16: Bullet Proof- La Roux

17: Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters

If you are one of the lucky people who can run to whatever, I envy you. Maybe I’ll get there one day. In the meantime, I have to figure out my armband and sports bra situation!! Running is my favorite way to stay in shape and be healthy and all that jazz, so I will be posting more about it this spring.

Have a great day,



7 thoughts on “Running Music

  1. Haha you sound like me i have around two jogging bottoms and three tops lol… Your playlist is cool, ive tried the spotify running playlist which suggests songs depending on your running motion which is good too x

  2. When I was running regularly, I had timed the theme from Rocky on my playlist to get me through those last tough minutes of the workout. =) worked like a charm.

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