OPI Nail Polish Sale

So according to my email, Sally Beauty Supply is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on OPI nail polishes. OPI is my favorite brand of nail polish for a few reasons, so I’m really excited about this sale. My local grocery store is also having a $1 off OPI sale, which brings their price down to just $7.75 a bottle, in case I don’t get my fill with Sally’s selection.

OPI is my favorite because of the consistent high quality and great color selection. I also have a huge amount of these polishes, and since I display my nail polishes in a rack like at a nail salon, I prefer to buy brands I have than random drug store bottles. It makes my collection look better. I also think it got into my head when I was a teenager that OPI is the pinnacle of nail polish, due to their ubiquity at the Ridgewood, New Jersey salons I would frequent with my friends during our off campus lunch periods. Some ideas of class stick for good- I still think those awful double C Chanel earrings that are so popular with a certain variety of Long Island and Jersey girls are a hot accessory.

Now I just have to figure out which of the OPI polishes I am going to pick up during the sale! Do you have any favorites to recommend? I’m going to post about my two favorite OPI collections for sale currently this week.

I know my fellow nail polish addicts get how excited I am for these sales!



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