Favorites of 2015 Round-Up

Hello everyone! Here are some of my favorites of this past year in media and goodies I’ve enjoyed.

Favorite Beauty Discovery: GlamGlow masks (I love the black jar) and CeraVe dry skin cream in the tub. The CeraVe cream especially has been my absolute favorite new product, and has given me results that all of the dozens of other face creams failed to give.

Favorite Podcasts: This was a big year in podcasts for me- I went from listening to a wide variety to just listening to Jake and Amir’s “If I Were You.” Then halfway through the year I discovered Story Wonk’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer podcast, “Dusted.” Now I am also obsessed with “Gilmore Guys,” hosted by Kevin Porter and Electrolemon Demi from  Vine! Can’t get enough.

Favorite Books: I was in an ‘out’ phase with reading for most of the year, but in the fall I was back to reading in a BIG way. And although it isn’t exactly high class literature, I have to credit Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Series (the books that inspired True Blood, which I’m not as crazy about) for getting me back into reading. I finished all of the Sookie books and now miss the world like crazy! Definite fave, no shame.

Favorite Nail Polish: OPI’s Nail Envy was a birthday present, and it makes my nails so healthy and long I can barely believe it! My favorite top coat is Seche Vite quick-dry, of course, and then my favorite color of the year was…

Drumroll please…


I have two, and both are from Gwen Stefani’s holiday 2014 collection, funnily enough! OPI’s What’s Your Poinsettia (left) and OPI’s Fashion-A-Bow (right). They are both incredible reds, and although I love my big colorful nail polish collection, I reach for these two the most and think they look and perform the best out of my hundred bottles.

Favorite Subreddits on Reddit: The big winner of the year was Makeup Addiction Circlejerk Discussion (check it out here). It is a forum about makeup, and also the drama that surrounds it, including discussion of YouTube beauty gurus, makeup trends, Instagram, and what you should do when your roommate steals all of your beauty goods. I also loved the Buffy sub. Plus, the Orange Is The New Black season 3 discussions completely enhanced my watching experience for a show I love.

Favorite Magazine: I loved Food Network Magazine this year. It’s a great mix of food photography, recipes, and actual inspiration to cook tonight. I made Giada’s house stew recently, and it is my favorite magazine to travel with.

Favorite Trend: Fur pom pom balls clipped to purses. So far in ATX, this trend is just my mom and me, but it’s basically the best.


Favorite Lipstick: Kat Von D’s studded kiss lipstick in LoveCraft. I had a mini of this that I wore most days this year, and it was the first time I ever used up a lipstick (even if it was just a mini size). Let’s see if I can make it through my Love Craft full size! It’s a perfect pink mauve with a slightly gray undertone that makes it unique.

Favorite Mascara: Of course, the winner is Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. If you like a big mascara brush, and you want the eyelashes of your dreams, splurge on this ASAP.

What are your favorites of the year? I’m so excited to see how this list changes in 2016!




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