World’s Greatest SUNBLOCK

I would say I’m a pragmatist

So it makes sense to me to base all (or at least plenty) of my decisions on logic and reason.

Take wearing sunblock.

We all know we should do it, but it falls by the wayside unless we’re actually at the beach or floating the river. But the truth is it needs to be a daily thing, even in our cars. Having a tan from the sun is a sign that your skin is damaged and is trying to protect itself.

If you are like my partner Scott, you HATE sunblock and have to be forced into wearing it only when in direct sunlight for hours, such as a hike, despite having skin cancer in your family…

Figuring out what sunblock works for you is half the battle. Scott will wear the Trader Joe’s spray sunblock because he doesn’t have to rub it in, it doesn’t smell, and he doesn’t have to worry about crazy chemicals. I have now put the bottle in his car and text him reminders.

For me, I would wear whatever sunblock I could find every day but usually hated them. See? Pragmatism. I hated it but I would do it. Then this year, I found out about physical sunscreens from Japan and MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER. I’m currently waiting on another bottle to travel the globe and go through customs (how exciting for my sunscreen!) so I can have a back-up of my SPF 50++++ goodness.

My sunblock is called Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence. 


Here is why I like LOVE it:

-There is NO sunblock smell

-It feels like a luxurious lotion

-It absorbs completely in seconds. Like seriously, I hardly have to rub it in and it’s totally absorbed, which doesn’t even happen with the best lotions and creams and body oils.

-You can’t tell you have anything on. I HATE that crepey sunblock feeling, like chalky white cream- yeesh. Even after applying a lot to my shoulders (which get the most sun), if I run my hands over them I can’t feel anything. Just soft skin.

-It actually works. I walk in the afternoon in direct central Texas sunlight everyday and I don’t even have a tan like I did last year. This is truly protecting my skin from the sun.

-I find it to be sweatproof. Even after a hot hour-long walk or run, my skin is still protected.

-It does NOT break me out, even when I’m dumb and forget to wash my face immediately upon coming home from a long sweaty walk. I spot tested it when I first got it, since I have very sensitive skin, but it was no problem at all.


This isn’t even sponsored! I have just truly found one of the best products in the world. No joke. I am obsessed. I am going to order one for my purse again.

Here is the Amazon link to my favorite sunblock ever. 

I don’t even have any other sunblock recommendations. I just want everyone to experience the magic of being good and wearing sunblock and not hating it, ha. Pick some up. It’s so worth the money and the wait.

Just a note: My sunblock only took two weeks to arrive. They say it can take up to two months to travel so far, but in my experience it is way less than that. Still, you may want to stock up when you do place an order.

Remember to protect your precious skin!! You only get one body.



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