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Today I wanted to talk about figuring out your skin’s undertones. It’s a super helpful trick when it comes to picking out foundations and concealers, and even make up colors. It’s one of those things, like whether your skin is dry, oily, combo, or normal, that will help you know more about yourself to make better decisions in the cosmetics world.

Featuring: the ladies of Sex & The City!



-Veins in your wrist: Are they green, blue/purple, or too hard to decipher between those?

-Jewelry color: Which looks better on your skin tone, gold or silver jewelry?

-Hair & Eye Color: Look at your hair color (preferably your natural color) and eye color together- are you looking at an icy blue and cool dark blonde, or a warm chesnut and caramel colored eyes?


If you have warm undertones, the veins in your wrist are GREEN.

You look better in GOLD jewelry.

Your skin leans towards a peach color, a gold, or a yellow.

Your eyes are amber, hazel, green, or chocolate.

Golden blonde, strawberry blonde, auburn, mahogony brown, or light black hair means warm undertones.


Charlotte York- warm tones! Look at that warm brown hair, brown eyes, and ability to look fabulous in earthy colors.


Golden hair, warm hazel eyes, peachy skin- Samantha Jones is a warm toned lady.


You have blue or purple veins in your wrists.

You shine in silver jewelry.

Your hair is ashy, platinum, blue-based red, or dark, black based brown.

Skin appears pinkish.

Jewel toned clothing looks great on you and turning pink in the sun are also good clues that you have cool undertones.

Icy blue eyes, ashy dark blonde hair- Carrie Bradshaw has cool undertones.


Bright jewel tones, a cool blue-based red, and inability to tan- my favorite TV lawyer is cool toned.



You look equally good in gold and silver jewelry.

The veins in your wrist appear both blue and green.

Your hair may have golden undertones and your eyes may be icy, or vice versa.

*Remember- MAC Cosmetics does that crazy thing with their foundation labeling where NC means meant for warm skin and NW means meant for cool skin.

For me, my natural hair color is an ashy dark blonde, my eyes are a light blue, the veins in my wrists are blue, and I look good in purple. This means I am a cool toned! No wonder my skin looks a little weird when I rock the 24 Carat gold hair colors!

I hope this helps!!



3 thoughts on “WARM, COOL, OR NEUTRAL TONED?

  1. Hi, I have real trouble working out my skin tone. My veins are blue, my eyes are hazel and my hair is naturally blonde – kind of yellowy I suppose. can you help?

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