It’s Done!

Into The Ocean

Last summer, I lived out at my school in an on-campus apartment, and I wrote every single day. I would write for eight hours or more, learning that I can really do the work part of writing a novel.

Last July, I finished my first book Into The Ocean. I had started it back in October of 2011, so it took me nine months- two semesters of writing on the side (and sometimes in class, and sometimes when I had papers I was neglecting), plus a summer of full time writing.

Finishing my novel was one of the weirdest feelings of my life. I couldn’t believe I didn’t have more to write. This project had consumed me for most of a year, and I was suddenly done? I felt excited and ecstatic and we celebrated, but I spent about a week feeling empty and freaked out, as if someone had died and I couldn’t remember who it was. Do other writers feel like this? Post-novel shock?

Now for today’s news.

I have spent every day since August revising, not revising, hating the process,hating the book itself, hating writing, giving myself lots of space from my book… and finally diving back in and beginning the slow, tedious work of editing.

Last night I finished editing Into The Ocean. I formatted it for print, and at 4:30 AM when I finished (and I’m an in-bed-at-midnight kinda girl) I was finally sure I was done.

So here it is- the the link to buy my novel.  I’m finally done!

Check it out! I also have the header “BOOK” on this page dedicated to more information about Into The Ocean.


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