My Beauty Battle Station

Over on Reddit, there is a subreddit I frequent called r/makeupaddiction. The girls there are reputedly the sweetest people on all of Reddit, and I know I never tire of seeing FOTDs (face of the day), Before & Afters, and something they call “Battle Stations”: aka a girl’s make up vanity. You can check out r/MUA here.

I have been struggling to perfect my own battle station for a while.  At my parents’ house, I had a beautiful wooden vanity that I found at an antique shop… But nowhere to sit, and it cluttered easily.


At college, I was forced to do my makeup in the bathroom under florescent lights, with a huge sink getting in between me and the mirror. Now, at my new house, I am finally getting this battle station thing right.

At first, it looked like this (pre-birthday):


One table, lipsticks in a box, and most of my brushes crammed into a cup. After my birthday, I took a trip to Target for a hot pink stool to sit on, and the Container Store for acrylic risers. I also acquired a lot of makeup on my birthday, between presents and trips to Sephora and Ulta.


There you have it, in all of its glory. My battle station. Yes, that’s a lot of lipstick.

Now I just need to post this over on Reddit!


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