Princess Skirt in the Park

Hey everyone!

I have been so distracted by writing my book recently that I haven’t been able to blog. It’s like all of my creative energy is being sucked up by my novel and I can’t write a blog post after that. Luckily I’m making great progress in my writing and am having fun with that. This is also a new, different kind of post for me–

This is an outfit of the day blog post!


This past weekend, we celebrated Earth Day. I love Earth Day because I love our planet. I compost, recycle (including rinsing my hummus containers for recycling- the most annoying task), eat vegan, reuse items, etc. so I love a day that celebrates these sorts of environmental acts. I celebrated Earth Day in downtown Austin.

Part of that included going to Zilker Metro Park, next to Auditorium Shores (where I saw Deftones over SXSW!). I only realized the name of this park because of geotagging because I know it as TURTLE PARK! This is the park where turtles live in the water and swim up to the piers where people hang out. It’s a quiet park considering it’s smack dab in downtown Austin, and it’s so green and beautiful this time of year. Great views of the city, too. People love to take engagement photos here.


Austin is gorgeous, right??

I wore this gorgeous skirt I ordered on Charlotte Russe’s website.


Scott and I had a really fun day in the beautiful weather and saw lots of cute animals, kids, and couples enjoying their weekend.



This is definitely one of my favorite outfits already! The plain white cropped tee combined with my black sandals really dress this skirt down. It’s five layers of pale pink lace/netting and a soft elastic band. I think if I paired this with a fancier top and wedges, this would be a great party outfit for the summer.

Check out skirts similar to mine here!

Do you like this casual princess outfit?

So excited for spring and summer fashion!


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