#Nailsoftheday- Spring Pink!

I LOOOOOVE Morgan Taylor polishes. I only own about six (and two of those are the same color, because I went through a whole bottle of this delicious hot pink that always garners compliments), which is a tiny percentage of my polish collection.

My nail polish collection as of early 2017

You can see the few Morgan Taylors on the top shelf to the left.

I own so many more bottles of OPI, Orly, and China Glaze that my full tilt love of MT seems a little half baked. Hell, I even own more Essie and I don’t even really like Essie that much. But Morgan Taylor polishes just look so bomb on the nails. Whenever I know I have an event to go to where it needs to look like I have the $15 to get my nails done professionally, I use a Morgan Taylor. And I LOVE this spring pink I grabbed at Ulta.

Gorgeous. Natural light.

See how good that looks? That gorgeous paler-than-Barbie but still very girly pink is called Lip Service. It’s very cute but also kind of adult. That’s also how I would describe most Morgan Taylor lacquers. They have a lot of fun colors, but not fun like China Glaze- fun like you have a pet and know about health insurance. I mean, neither of those things are really true for me, but I still like to have lady-like nails sometimes.

Maybe even… wedding appropriate?!

What do you guys think of this color? Do you own any Morgan Taylor polishes? I should definitely grab some more next time Ulta has a good buy two get one free sale on them. I know I have so many OPIs from whenever my grocery store used to do two for $10. Wouldn’t a BOGO for expensive salon polish be nice? Sigh.

Happy almost spring!



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