Valentine’s Day 2013

So I realized I didn’t update about my valentines day 2013! I’m feeling all lovey dovey cause Scott is here cooking dinner for us- I rolled my ankle on my run and he came to take care of me. And I’m watching the first Dundies episode of The Office, where Pam kisses Jim while drunk. Awww.

That’s an important thing to remember- when youre in a relationship, romance and feeling happy and excited (society’s idea of Valentine’s Day) shouldn’t be an uncommon thing.

Being taken care of should be a regular thing, not a birthday-Christmas-valentines thing. And it should be mutual. I mean, we all know this. But still.

Anyway. On V-Day, Scott surprised me with hydrangeas, salted caramel cupcakes, fudge, marzipan, and chocolate covered strawberries from Whole Foods. Way to a girls heart or what!!!!! And I really do mean surprise- we had agreed to hold off on Valentines plans until Friday night, since I had school in the morning. But he showed up at my apartment and said I could tell you needed cheering up and a trip to Austin. He’s the absolute best. We went out for dinner, then. We played one of my ‘favorite’ games- if you could go to the store and get any flavor of cider what would it be? Vanilla bean cider won.

I wore a red dress and it was a really lovely, relaxed evening.


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