New Foods!

This weekend I tried three new foods!

1. Sausage.

I had tried sausage as a child in New Jersey, but I decided I didn’t like it. I also decided this about strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, which I re-tried in the last two years and LOVE. So I figured I was wrong about sausage, too.

So Scott and I went to Whole Foods and picked up one Mild Italian Chicken Sausage link. We had a rosemary whole wheat crust from Central Market, and decided to make sausage pizza for dinner last night! (Below)


I think it was one of the best meals Scott has ever cooked. Garlic rub crust, sauce, fresh mozz, basic, broccoli and zucchini plus the sausage.  Really awesome! I want to try other flavors, like fennel feta sausage or spicy Italian sausage. My mother would never believe it.

2. Sweet Potato Noodles.

We tried a different restaurant in Austin this weekend, downtown near 6th street. YO! It was so good! Drinks (iced coffee and matcha bubble tea) were expensive at $3 each, but the huuuuge bowls of veggie filled food were cheap- only like $7. I knew I’d be eating mine for the next two days, not to mention the hummus spring roll and free vegan miso soup.


The noodles were just perfect to me. A little salty, texture like spaghetti, and added a nice warm flavor to the steamed vegetables.

3. French Toast Goldfish.

Oh boy.


OH MY GOD. First, let me say that I’ve been a big fan of goldfish my entire life, but they came out with my favorite junk food product five years ago. Flavor blasted EXXXtreme cheddar and pretzel mixx ups. So salty and perfect.

So this weekend, I saw the French Toast kind at Scott’s HEB and freaked out. My expectations were low, since a lot of the sweet flavors are only so-so. They remind me of French Toast Crunch, the short lived cousin of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (and the superior flavor in my opinion). Grab a bag and try them. ❤


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