finally feeling better!

It was a long two weeks that I was under the weather with tonsillitis  I mean, if this was the 90s, they would have pulled those suckers out. And I would have been in the hospital eating vegan low-fat ice cream.

So lately I have been about as well behaved as my English Bull Terrier… And she is always trouble.

Ha! Really, I have been writing nonstop instead of doing school work.

I have an 8 page comparison paper on sociological theorists due Monday, and a 20 minute presentation on race and family well being to give Tuesday, and an ethnography of House Skate Park due Wednesday. I have done 0.0% of it! But I have written… get this.

25 pages. In two days.

That’s what they call a good writing streak. So can I really stop myself? Is that the thing to do, to have a clear conscience?

Maybe another hour of writing would help me decide.

See? That naughty puppy who eats napkins out of the gabage… we’re too similar. 🙂


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