The Best Thing

As someone who cooks very often now, it’s funny to remember that there was a period in my life where I did not know how to cook anything except mac & cheese. I had just started at my university, and Scott cooked every meal for us. This was no problem for him, since Scott is a guy that a) loves to cook and b) is amazing at it. I do more of the cooking now, so I was reminiscing over the best thing he ever cooked for us (hey, maybe if I talk about it enough he will make it again!).


The best meal Scott ever cooked was crusty whole wheat bread with Cashel blue cheese, and homemade fall squash ratatouille  There were roasted butternut squash seeds in it, and it was the warmest, most satisfying dinner I could imagine.

Have you ever made or had ratatiouille? Or even attempted SPELLING it? It’s certainly an unusual and special dish.


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