Summer To Do…

I remember when I was a teenager I would always have long lists of things I wanted to do in the summer time (posted on my MySpace, of course). I made one of those lists with Tom and Scott at the beginning of this summer, but I have since lost it.

I have decided to write a new one and post it here, so I am accountable for my own good time!


-Have an Arnold Schwarzenneger movie night at Scott’s, with Terminator-2: Judgment Day and Twins but probably not Jingle All The Way


-Ride bikes in one of the ditches in Austin- and first put air in my Fairdale’s tires!

-Swim in Barton Springs

-Check out Hamilton Pool


-Write down quotes like I used to (although this is weird… I can quote something funny someone said 4 years ago verbatim) and take tons more pictures!

-Make pizza with a cauliflower rice crust

-Learn how to break a key in a door for crazy getaways (okay, confession time, maybe I am watching T-2 right now. The Sarah Connor escape scene is just too good)

-Try hot yoga!

-Take trips to Dallas and Houston to see my college friends

-Take a class at my gym

-See a concert

-Go on a skate park road trip with Coffee Bean ice blendeds and snacks with Tom and Scott

-Make my own sangria

-Stand up paddle board or kayak the Colorado River in Austin


-Go to the animal farm in San Antonio, Texas, where there are real giraffes and other African animals living in our Lone Star State year round! It’s not a zoo, they just live on this huge property and you can drive through and feed them.

-Barbecue at Scott’s new house, including peaches, plums, sausage, veggie kebobs, and steak!

-Go to Peter Pan mini golf with our friends


-Get my e-book ready for sale on the Kindle and Nook, plus amazon

-Put in tons of work on my sociology capstone and second novel

This list is a work in progress, and I’m probably forgetting lots of amazing things to do in Austin in the summer.

What’s on your summer to do list? What’s the best part of summer where you are?

PS- it was 106 degrees here today. And I LOVED IT!


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