Coffee Shop Adventures

Hey everyone!

I have been trying to stay in touch with what makes life uniquely fun for me, and when an idea strikes I go for it. So the other day, after a rainy lunch of vegan Whole Foods tacos, I decided getting a latte from Book People would be just the thing.

Book People is a two story independent book store in downtown Austin that has a fabulous little cafe behind the magazine area. It is easy to forget about with all of the other coffee shops here in Hot Seattle, but it is actually one of my favorite spots.

When I first moved to Austin, before friends and boyfriends and a list of favorite places, I would go to Book People. In fact, my brother and I would spend most nights our first summer sitting in bookstores, reading magazines and drinking tea lattes (me, not him- Timmy is not one for tea).

The reason I like the Book People cafe so much is their drink selection. They have tons of non-dairy milk options (you don’t see oat milk very often!) and cute latte choices like my favorite, the Charlie Brown.

The Charlie Brown is a toasted marshmallow pumpkin latte that tastes like the first day of fall. It’s sweet and warm and perfect with soy milk.

I wore my new flowy white top from Charlotte Russe and black jeans.


After coffee I checked out a vegan bakery that I wasn’t crazy about, and looked at some houses on the east side of Austin.

When times are hard, it’s good to have something like the Charlie Brown latte on the back burner. Always a pick me up, always a day-improver!

What’s your favorite caffeinated pick me up? Is it normal like a half caff Americano (Scott’s go-to)? Or a little bit flashy like my pumpkin marshmallow coffee?



5 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Adventures

  1. I don’t usually do caffeinated. But on the rare occasion when I do, I make some Masala Chai…you probably know this as chai in America. I posted a recipe yesterday…or was it day before? Love it!

  2. I can relate to the coffee pick-me-up. On a tough day we have a coffee shop called Revelator. It is clean and simple atmosphere and all their flavors are good. My favorite is most likely Lonely Hunter.

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