How I Saved $200 in Nail Polish

Alternative titles for this post: The best thing I ever ordered on Amazon! The most essential nail product ever! A total game changer for your nail polish collection!

And lastly… My ‘Seche Restore’ Review! 


Seche Restore is marketed as a nail polish thinner that brings bottles of Seche Vite quick dry top coat back to life. It returns the best top coat to its original consistency, and I heard from the Amazon reviews that it also restores OTHER polishes to a better formula too!


I have lots of nail polish that I can’t use anymore since it’s become too gloopy or thick, or the formula is just not the way it was when I bought the bottle. I don’t know about you- but formula is even more important than color for me when I buy a color. This is why I buy so much OPI and Orly, because I can rely on their formulas, unlike some cute, fun drug store brands. When polish looks all cracked in the bottle, or has separated and a good shake won’t fix it, it tends to get ignored.

The rejected polishes in my collection- BEFORE

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to add several drops of Seche Restore to my polishes in need of a little TLC. Seche Restore comes in a nice glass bottle, and a little glass dropper. It’s MUCH better than the nail polish thinner I bought from Bed Bath & Beyond, and yields MUCH better results.


A beautiful dark aquamarine from my China Glaze collection was basically on the chopping block to be thrown out.


I added about six drops of Seche Restore, sealed the bottle, and rolled it slowly on my desk. Then after a few seconds of slowly rolling it, I shook it up. When I reopened the bottle, the polish was back to its original awesomeness!

Look at that pristine bottle!

It was a relaxing activity to restore all of my polishes. The Restore doesn’t smell like other nail polish removers, too.

The AFTER shot!! Woo!

So: I learned Seche Restore doesn’t just restore Seche Vite top coat. It seems to almost “eat” ingredients in the polishes that make them too thick or unusable. I would HIGHLY recommend this product, and seeing that it was under $10, how can you go wrong? I used it to repair over 35 bottles of nail polish and am so excited to have my entire collection back at my disposal!

Do you think you’d want try this product? What’s your best new beauty find?



14 thoughts on “How I Saved $200 in Nail Polish

  1. I think this is a great discovery and THANK U for sharing! I will be buying this to fix my unused polishes too..too many to toss that’s for sure👌🏽

  2. Do you think it works differently on 3/4/5 Free polishes like Zoya? I’d love to try it. I tried SV a while ago and thought it was too thick, but maybe adding some of these drops to it I’d like it better. I thought it was really shiny, just too thick

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