ATX Good Life: Red’s Porch comes north!

Hey everyone!

I love life in Austin. I especially love life in North Austin. I live out in the arboretum area, which is beautiful, full of trees, and has a lot of amazing restaurants.

A few nights ago while driving home from the fireworks show out in Round Rock, I noticed a restaurant that I’d never seen before… A place called Red’s Porch that has one location, down on South Lamar, which I’ve never been to before. It’s kind of an Austin institution down there. There are a few places I know to check out when I hit up the southern part of my city, and a bar tucked behind a bank never made it on my list. But if there’s one a stone’s throw from my house, that’s a different story!

Red's Porch Quarry
Looks fun, right?

Like the one down South, this Red’s is tucked behind a bank. It’s right near the Quarry Lake section of Braker, near the Quarry Lake apartments, which I looked at back when I was apartment hunting, but because you get to be next to a gorgeous little lake with a running trail, you pay like $1,200 for 700 square feet. Nooo thanks.

I was so excited to check out the Red’s Porch menu online and see if this is somewhere I’ll be interested in going once it opens, and there’s good news! Every day, Red’s has happy hour from 11 AM to 7 PM.

red's porch quarry

How amazing it that??

It’s Southern cuisine, which I admit I still haven’t dove headfirst into! Cajun food, Tex Mex, and Southern food all rolled into one. Y’all I am excited. And I just investigated on Facebook and it looks like they’re open!

They have an impressive drinks menu, including a cocktail list (I always love when places do that!) and very interesting looking food.

Here’s what I want to try:

✲ White sangria frozen margarita

✲ Red’s queso with guacamole and brisket (whoa!)

✲ Onion rings (I’ve never had onion rings😳- I hated onions as a kid!!)

✲ Southern fried chicken salad with cayenne brown sugar vinaigrette

✲ Fried okra and fried green tomatoes (I loved the Fannie Flagg novel ‘Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe and have always wanted to try the book’s namesake food!)

✲ Jalapeno cream spinach

✲ Texas prime rib… Cause I’ve never had prime rib and my boyfriend loves it!

red's porch quarry

✲ And most importantly… BEIGNETS!

Red's Porch Quarry
I got this photo off Yelp, thanks buddy.

None of these things looks pretty healthy, per se (which does mean I’ll have to plan accordingly for whatever I order, and that does definitely make me nervous- I don’t feel so great if I eat fried food!)… But I’m still very excited to try it! One of my favorite things about life in Austin is the Tex Mex. Margaritas and queso are pretty much the best things ever. I’m so excited to have a new place near me where I can hopefully grab a frozen marg for a good price whenever the mood strikes!

The new location is at 4200 B Braker Lane if you’re in Austin, and they’re open until 11 PM.

Do you like Tex Mex?? Let me know!




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