💙 GRUNGE Matte Blue Polish

Hey everyone!

I have a very unique color on my nails today. It’s one that keeps drawing my eye to it, and it feels like velvet to the touch. It’s from the fall 2016 rebel collection that China Glaze put out. When I saw it at the beauty store in person, I recognized it immediately- it’s one of those polishes I’ve been hoping to find since I saw Imabeautygeek’s post on it! (Obsessed with her swatches, btw- totally amazing nail polish content.) I was so stoked to see this one and even more excited when I finally got it on my nails….

It looks pretty on the nails- but should you buy it?


This is a dark sapphire blue with royal undertones.

Photo Sep 07, 12 51 15 PM


⇾ Does it dry quickly?

Yes! It dries VERY fast.

⇾Do you need multiple coats?

Yes! I did two coats. You could probably get away with one if you were really determined, because it’s very full coverage.

⇾Is the application even?

No! Like with a lot of matte polishes, it tends to pull as you apply. But if you’re careful, a second coat can really smooth it over.

Photo Sep 07, 12 52 10 PM


⇾ Will it chip?

Yes, this one chips without a top coat. Buuuut I didn’t really love it with a top coat- it wasn’t as cool!

⇾ How long does it last?

I got two days out of this one before the chipping was noticeable. But for a cute look, it’s worth it. And I could probably have made it last longer if I was careful. Another idea is leaning into the chipped look- hey, it’s a grungey matte blue after all!

Photo Sep 07, 1 08 41 PM


Color: 10/10. This one got me a lot of Instagram likes 😜

Formula: 7/10. For a matte formula, it’s pretty good. For my usual standards, it’s not great.

Wear Time: 3/10

Uniqueness: 10/10! Nothing even remotely like this in my stash!

Newbie Friendly: 6/10. This is not a polish you can stumble through, and blue notoriously stains cuticles. If you love the color, it’s doable, but take. Your. Time!!

Photo Sep 07, 12 51 33 PM

What do you think of this polish?

Are you a matte polish person? I think white matte nails are such a good look. I really need to buy another matte top coat so I can pull that look off…

Have an awesome week!



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