Scott’s Birthday!

I am so excited! Today is Scott’s 31st birthday.


Two years ago, I got Scott a BMX frame for his birthday (I think he paid half, since they’re about $350) and had just cut my own bangs. We went to Clay Pit for Indian food, and I tried my first pomegranate martini. Afterwards, we walked around the capitol and explored Austin. It was really relaxing.


Last year for his birthday, we went to the Natural Bridge Animal Farm in San Antonio. It was one of the best days of my life, and Scott said it was his best birthday ever. Here we are in the car, getting ready to feed the African animals that live in Texas! We had breakfast of French toast with my mom and I got him books on House M.D. and quantum physics (two things he loves). 



So far this year, I gave Scott a pull up bar that you hook into the doorway and baked him my classic pumpkin cinnamon mini-muffins. This morning I made him protein pancakes, because he wanted a yummy breakfast but didn’t want to feel all gross and too full and unhealthy afterwards. Super clean pancakes with special extras to the rescue!


Plus tons of coffee.

For dinner, we went to Clay Pit (our go-to special place!) and sat in the bar first, having samosas and drinks. I had a mango margarita.

It was a relaxing, fun birthday that we continued to celebrate Thursday (because I think birthdays extend to the days before and after and maybe even the weekend after, too!).


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