My Mom’s Birthday

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. My boyfriend Scott and I decided to decorate my parent’s house with some supplies we picked up from Target before she got home from work. 



I think it came out really festive. We hung streamers from the entryway to the dining room, which I had seen on Pinterest. Scott blew up 15 balloons and taped them all over. We had a lot of fun doing this, although our weimaraner dog was bewildered.

Scott also cooked for my mom’s birthday. She can’t have anything acidic, so we made her a pesto based pizza with mozzarella and broccoli. We used pre-made whole wheat crusts from Central Market.



Scott took all of the gorgeous “after” pictures, and I was too busy eating my slice! I also made my mom birthday cake pancakes instead of a cake- if you’d like to see that recipe, head over to my food blog:

We had gotten her a California fig tree from Whole Foods and my brother called her from DC, even though he’s pledging his frat’s Hell Week and can’t really use his phone. It was a really fun, relaxing night with my family.


Happy birthday, girl!


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