Adventures in Fat Asparagus

I have a prejudice towards thinness. I’ll admit it. I completely ignore the thick ones in the grocery store, and light up when I see a few ridiculously skinny ones in the HEB. Of course I am talking about asparagus. Does anyone else feel the same way? I am a total sucker for super thin stalks. And if they’re on sale? All lights flash go.

But this weekend my mom gave me a bunch of groceries, including some disturbingly fat asparagus. At first I felt resistant, like I don’t even know how to cook these guys. 
Then I stopped being crazy and cut them all in thirds, then each third in half lengthwise. I heated the oven to 350 and sprayed a cookie sheet with an organic canola spray (be careful when selecting your propellant oil spray- some sprays, including smaller cans of PAM, contain BHT which should always be avoided). I arranged the asparagus neatly and evenly over the pan.
I shook a bunch of black pepper and salt into my palm, and sprinkled it over the asparagus. I didn’t even use any oil on them- I was in a weird cooking mood. I stuck the sheet in the oven for 25 minutes, until they had shrank down to the skinny size I so love. I roasted four minced cloves of garlic in a small pool of olive oil, and cooked some broccoli and zucchini at the same time. I didn’t use any salt or other seasonings on those vegetables.
My boyfriend said they were the best vegetables he’s ever had, but Scott tends towards hyperbole! 


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