Unpopular Opinions

I have several opinions and preferences that are not the norm, but I think our differences are what make us interesting. I used to do these in-depth character studies of my characters – what is Callie’s favorite candy? What are Cameron’s top five favorite movies? And even though I don’t do that anymore, I found the quirks of my characters the most valuable.

So here are my own quirks.

Here are 10 of my most unpopular opinions:

1. Gabe, Erin, and Robert California are my favorite characters on The Office.


2. I don’t like Parks and Recreation. But I do love Aziz Ansari.


3. I always want moscato or sweet white wine. Give me dessert wine with dinner, please!


4. I don’t get the Terra Blue chips when I fly Jet Blue. I get the Pop Corners instead.


5. Onions are gross. I will always ask for no onions.


6. I think Uggs can be really cute.

7. Ted Mosby sucks & he brings down the whole show (How I Met Your Mother).


8. Broccoli is my favorite food.


9. Dogs are cooler than cats. 


10. Jay-Z is the best rapper in the world. Sorry Biggie. & I love Kanye West. How’s that for unpopular?


What are your unpopular opinions? Do you think tomato sauce is gross, or that Elton John is better than Freddie Mercury? Feel free to disagree with me. That’s the whole point!

Embrace your quirks! 🙂


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